Animals: Turkey is the habitat of the same animals that can be found in the European countries, plus many from Asia and Africa. There are 60,000 animal species in the whole continent of Europe. Turkey has 80,000. Turkey is home to birds of many kinds, especially in the "Birds Paradises" the national park on Lake Manyas, Sultan Sazlýðý near Kayseri, in Izmir Çamaltý Tuzlasý etc
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  AEGEAN - Assos
Assos, the famous teaching center of antiquity, is situated about 90 Km. away from Canakkale at the south part of the province. While travelling from Canakkale, you need to follow the road to Ayvacik and take the road to Assos, which is 17 Km long, narrow but scenic way. Assos is located on the southern Troad, nearby to Cape Lectom (Bababurnu), and opposite of the Island of Lesbos. Assos lies within the the village of Behramkale, which is situated at the top of the hill. The impressive ancient ruins dating back to the early bronze-age, the crystal clear turquoise sea, hidden beaches, the luminance of the Aegean skies, unforgettable sunsets, delicious fish and lovely scenery all contribute to the attraction of Assos, which stimulates the town as a lovely tourist spot. Prof. Serdaroglu, the famous archaeologist of the site, summarizes the characteristics of Assos as the unique synthesis of history, scenic beauty, and ethnic culture. Several changes had occured in Assos since the first settlement in the early bronze age about 3 rd millenium B.C. In the Hommer’s account, it was claimed that the southern shores of Troad were belong to Lelegians and they made their living as seamen and pirates during the years of the Trojan wars. It was claimed that the oldest name of the city was Pedasos and the name Assos was derived from it. On the other hand, Behram, the present name of the area, is a derivation of Makhram, Byzantine official who came to Assos on duty. Due to its strategic location by the sea, several civilizations were inhabited around the site such as Lydians, Persians, Gallians, Pergamons, Latinians, Seljukians and the Ottomans. The acropolis of Assos, built on a hill dominating both sea and land is about 238 metres above the sea-level and is surrounded by walls about 3 Km. in lenght. The hill offers spectacular views of the Aegean sea and the nearby Greek island of Lesbos.The temple of Athena, the bouleterion consisting of statuettes, small monumental buildings, and the gymnasium, the theater, the stoa, the necropolis and the agora can be stated as the finest examples of the ruins. Between 384 -387 B.C. , Aristotale, Plato’s most famous student, was also invited to Assos by Hermeias, student and friend of Aristotale, and spent over three years living and teaching there. He conducted his early explotary work in zoology, biology and botony, and gave lectures at the gymnasium. Along with other Platonists Xenokrates also lived in Hermeias' palace for a while. During the Byzantine period, Assos was one of the first cities in Western Anatolia, who accept Christianity. This could be considered as the result of St. Paul's and St. Lucas' visit to the city. When St. Paul came to Assos from Alexandria Troas on foot and met St. Lucas there, then they sailed to Lesbos.
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