Lakes: In terms of numbers of lakes, the Eastern Anatolia region is the richest. It contains Turkey's largest, Lake Van (3713 sq.km.). There are also many lakes in west Tourus Mountains area; the Beyşehir and Eğridir lakes. Important lakes are; the second largest lake in Turkey, Tuzgölü, Burdur, Sapanca, Iznik, Ulubat, Manyas (bird sanctuary), Akşehir, and Eber. As a result of the construction of dams during the past thirty years, several large dam lakes have come into existence in the Eastern Anatolia such as, Keban, Karakaya, and Atatürk
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Aspendos Theatre-the best-preserved theater of antiquity, with seating for 15,000. Still used today, the theater's galleries, stage decorations and acoustics all testify to the architect’s success. Nearby stand the remains of a basilica, agora and one of the largest aqueducts in Anatolia you've ever seen. The present-day Belkiz was once situated on the banks of the river Eurymedon, now known as the Kopru Cay. In ancient times it was navigable; in fact, according to Strabo, the Persians anchored their war ships there in 468 B.C. before the epic battle against the Delian Confederation. It is commonly believed that Aspendos was founded by colonist from Argos. One things is certain: right fron the beginning of the 5th century, Aspendos and side were the only two towns to mint coins. The town is built against two hills: Buyuk Tepe stood the Acropolis, with Agora, Basilica, Nymphaeum and Bouleuterion or Council Chamber. About one kilometer north of the town, one can still see the remains of the Roman Aqueduct that supplied Aspendos with water. In the 6th century B.C. the Lydians reigned here until they were defeated by the Persians. Until 425 B.C. Aspendos was a member of Delian Sea Confederacy. In 333 B.C. Alexander the Great came to Pamphylia. The Aspendians requested him through an envoy not to occupy the city and offered him 50 gold talents and thousands of horses. The Aspendians did not keep their promise and Aleander invaded the city. He meted out punishments, causing them to pay 50 talents and an annual tribute. In 190 B.C. Aspendos was Pergamonian then it fell into the hands of the Romans like its neighbouring cities, and had its heyday at this time. Most of the huge buildings of the city date back from that period. It ranked amongst the most important ports and cities in the Byzantine centralization system till the decline of the city. The architect Zenon built the well-preserved theatre of the ancient world in the 2nd century A.D. during the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, from Aspendos. The auditorium had a semicircular from and a diameter of 95 metres (285 feet), and it has been preserved including even its upper gallery. 20,000 spectators could find a place here. The higher rows of seats where manes were scratched were preserved for the upper classes. The well-preserved scena building was 30 metres (90 feet) high. Under the scena there were five gates, through which steep stairways at each side-facilitated access to the tiers from the arena. The scena wall was connected to the auditorium through a wooden roof an achieve better acoustics, Over the centuries the marble covering of the scena wall has been lost. From the columns and statues, only socles and bases are now left. The stadium with a length of 220 metres (660 feet) and a width of 30 metres (90 feet), was situated to the north of theatre. Most of the seats have been damaged. The Aqueduct, It is 1 kilometre away from the ruined city. It is a good example of the water construction technique of the Romans. The water was conducted to the upper city through this aqueduct using the principle of communicating pipes. The marvelous acoustics of the theatre are unique making possible activities like the Altın Portakal Film Festival and Aspendos Opera-Bale Festivale even today. The site is 45 km away from Antalya.
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Il viaggio sia in Turchia che in Giordania è andato molto bene, e come ho un attimo vi voglio mandare un commento particolare sugli alberghi e sui piccoli inconvenienti da migliorare. Voi mandatemi una vostra pubblicità dettagliata che io la giro ad un mio amico che ha un'agenzia di viaggi, ma non ha nessun contatto con agenzie locali in Turchia e in Giordania. La guida Rasim Korkmaz è stato perfetto così come l'autista e il pulmino. Vi riscriverò appena posso,un caro saluto. Angiolina di Reto X 6 personnes