Petrol: Filling stations are well placed; many of them also contain restaurants that are open 24 hours. Unleaded fuel is available at most stations
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  AEGEAN - Cesme
Cesme: Cesme founded by the lonians around 1100 BC as part of the 12 cities of the Ionian League. Welcome to a culture with a history stretching back 3000 years and bearing traces of the lonians, Lydia, Alexander the Great, the Kingdom of Pergamum, Rome, Arabia, Selcuk and the Ottomans. Welcome to our 700 year old castle constructed by the Genoese, to our "caravanserail" which was a gift from Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, to the historical stone fountains which are found on nearly every street corner and to our churches of Ayios Haralambos and Ayios Konstantinos. And not forgetting a welcome to Erythrai, the world famous site that dates back all the way to the Bronze Age. Cesme, at the most westerly tip of Turkey and surrounded on three sides by the Aegean Sea, is a town we think you will like. Here you will find a summer season that lasts from March to November. If you come to Cesme at this time, you will be greeted by warm days filled with sunshine. But if you should be here from November to March you may be surprised by Cesme's short, mild, rainy winter. Even during this period, the average sea temperature is 18.5°C and it is perfectly possible to swim. As you see, you can swim all year around in Cesme and there are wonderful opportunities for watersports and diving in its endless coves. The climate in Cesme is such that you never find sudden changes of temperature. The famous breeze of the Aegean sea, the "Imbat", will keep you cool on even the hottest summer days. The famous historian of ancient times, Herodotus, wrote this of this area centuries ago: "The whole world is fascinated by Izmir and its surrounding areas which possess the most pleasant of climates to be found under the great dome of the sky". In Cesme you will find the purest air-take a deep breath and you'll see what we mean. This area is known as having one of the highest levels of oxygen in the air. Yes, and now you are here in
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Dear Bahar, Thank you for everything. I am sorry we didnt meet each other but I hope we will next time when I come to Istanbul. Everything was ok. Mr Timor is great man, say hello to him. Thank you again for everything you did for me. Sure we will continue our cooperation. Best regards Maja S H E R R Y T R A V E L, Serbia