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  AEGEAN - Cnidos
This fascinating city with two harbors in located at the extreme end of the Datça Peninsula. It was one of the cities of the Dorian Hexapolis. During the early centuries, Cnidos was situated little bit inland near present day Datça. The city gained great fame due to its temple and famous statues of Aphrodite, sculptured by Praxiteles. Famous sculptor, Praxiteles made two statue of the goddess Aprodite, the first of these statues was nude Aphrodite and the artist sculptured that for the island of Cos. Second statue of the goddess had her garments on. But people of Cos who refused to receive the nude statues of the goddess, they eventually accepted the one with the clothes. Cnidians had no choice but receiving the nude statue, put it in the shrine of the goddess. The statue became so famous and attracted great number of pilgrims to Cnidos. Cnidos was also hometown of Eudoxos, great astronomer, mathematician who established an observatory in the town and discovered many new stars helping the navigation of the ancient times. Visitors to Cnidos are welcomed by a beautiful ancient theatre by the harbor holding 4500 people. One of the paths leads visitors to two Byzantine churches by the military harbor. After a short climb, one can admire the fascinating round temple of the Goddess where Cnidian Aphrodite used to stand. St. Paul might have arrived to Knidus during his trip to Rome. The Egyptian ship that Paul took in Myra led him to Knidos. Due to bad weather which got worst, Paul's ship couldn't anchor at Knidos and sailed towards Fair Heaven in Crete.
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Did you know that One of the first most accurate world maps were drawn by the well-known Turkish cartographer and navigator Piri Reis in 1513. The map known today as Piri Reis Map skillfully depicted Europe, Asia, Africa and the then known portions of America as well as the places which were yet to be discovered. Erich von Daniken in his famous book The Chariots of the Gods suggests that the accuracy of the Piri Reis Map could only be explained by considering the possibility of an extraterresterial help.
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Hallo Ezop team, Tim, your knowledge, your overall expertise us guiding visit to the special sites helped to make a very memorable trip. You were sensitive to our special needs and, great care of our expectations a range 100%. Thanks again and again. Graham/Orson / Christina Jaillers