Flora and Fauna: As the climate and topography vary greatly in Turkey, so does the flora and fauna. The Black Sea region is renowned for its forests of leaf bearing and coniferous trees and for the apples, pears, cherries which is originated from Turkey, hazelnuts, mandarin oranges, tobacco and tea that are grown there. Along the eastern Mediterranean shores the local vegetation is tropical, with flourishing banana, palm and citrus trees and sugar cane and cotton. From the western Mediterranean, Aegean and Marmara coasts: olive, citrus and pine trees along the mountains are found. On the steppes of Central Anatolia: natural pastures with scattered-forested areas. In Europe, there are 11,500 kind of flora with flowers. In Turkey, this number is 9,000 but 3,000 of this flora only grow in Turkey
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  AEGEAN - Ayvalik
Ayvalık takes its name from the translation of the word "Kydonia" into Turkish. Various civilizations were had been ruled in the place where Ayvalık was established. In ancient times the settlement was made on the islands near the Ayvalık shore. In the places called "Hekatos Islands" the settlements of Nesos, Chalkis and Kydonia were built. Those settlement places lived their most shiny periods under the rule of Roman Empire. But they lost their importance in the Eastern Roman Empire period. After that the settlement began to slide to the "First Bullet Hill". The historical development of the city was constituted in here. As times went by the Chalkis and the Pordoselena -the two of the four archaic cities- were left by people and they remained under the land. On the other hand, the Nesos Kydonia maintained its existence until today. Ayvalık takes interest with its architectural structure as much as its natural beauty. It's a place with its natural and historical beauty, where hot-blooded people live in its narrow streets and old stone houses, which you can't satisfy as traveling... Sarımsaklı, Cunda island and The Devil Dining Table are only a few of the places that are worth seeing. The Islands make Ayvalık more beautiful than it really is. There are no settlements on these islands except Cunda Island. Moreover some islands remain under the sea in the tiding periods. You may join to the motorboat tours to these islands. Ayvalık is almost a country of olive. The people of Ayvalık have a claim of having the most beautiful olives of the the Aegean Region. While experiencing olive business in winter, in summers Ayvalık experiences its natural beauties, sea and tourism. Ayvalık is an Olive country on the land while it is a heaven on the sea with its twenty two islands
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Dear Toroshan, Herewith I would like to emphasize again the excellent experience we had last week with our guide Yildirim on the climbing of the Ararat. He was taking care of us with a lot of attention and we could really trust on him. Also after the climbing he was escorting us very kindly and all appointments were taken accurately. It was really a great pleasure for us. We should also congratulate Celam who prepared nice meals, always with enthousiasm, and we will remind him as our ‘good cook’ forever. As soon as we have the opportunity, we will send you some pictures about this expedition. Be assured we are happy about the way it was organised. Best regards, Pierre Kockerols / Brussel