Rivers: Most of the rivers of Turkey flow into the seas surrounding the country. The Firat (Euphrates) and Dicle (Tigris) join together in Iraq and flow into the Persian Gulf. Turkey's largest rivers, the Kizilirmak, Yesilirmak and Sakarya, flow into the Black Sea. The Susurluk, Biga and Gönen pour into the Sea of Marmara, the Gediz, Küçük Menderes, Büyük Menderes, and Meriç into the Aegean and the Seyhan, Ceyhan and Göksu into the Mediterranean
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  Ankara - Cappadocia - Avanos
The old city of Avanos overlooks the longest river the Turkey, the Kizilirmak (Red River). Located 18 km north of Nevsehir, the ancient name of this city used to be Venessa. The most famous historical feature of Avanos, which is still relevant and very visible today, is its production of earthenware pottery. The 13th century Sarihan caravanserai and the Ottoman Aladdin mosque are interesting pieces of architecture in the area. In Avanos we also find interesting examples of housing architect monumental structures. Avanos is known for the art of pottery by using kick wheel since the Hittites. This craftsmenship has come to this day by passing on from people to people and from father to son. Soft and oily clay soil gathered from Avanos mountains and old beds of Kızılırmak is sifted and is turned into mud after a neat pugging. The desired pottery is created by shaping the mud with some skill on a bench called kick wheel and steered by using your feet. After the potteries, which are created in workshops called “işlik”, are dried first in the sun and then in the shadow, they are fired into the ovens that burn with straw and chippings between 800 and 1200 degrees with great care. Food dishes, water jugs, pots and jars for preserving food for winter, water jars are some kinds of potteries. Avanos is known as the “The Craftsmenship and Shopping Center of Cappadocia”. As for the origin and meaning of the Ouenasa / Venasa, we know that Vanassa means queen in the Anatolian Pamphillian language, a successor of the Luwi language of 1000 BC. We can mention the script on the town coins (Pergessus) which describe Artemis of Pergessus as Vanassa Prella (the hill of Pergessus). Most probably, the Venasa in the Cappadocian language, which is another successor of the Luwi language, is not anything other than the mentioned Venassa, which signifies the Mother Goddess. It is again probable that the Mother Goddess temple in this area in the Morimene region, which proves by its name that this was a centre of Mother Goddess worship dominant at Cappadocia, had been owned, as seen in many regions, by a Hellenistic goddess during the Hellenization age. While this owning is generally attributed to Artemis or Apollo (sometimes both jointly), here as in Euromos and few other places, the temple of Mother Goddess was owned by Zeus.
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