Marriage: Since the adoption of the Republican Civil code in 1926, based of the Swiss Civil Code, Turkish males can marry only one woman at a time. It is forbidden by law in Turkey to marry before the age of 15 in the case of females and 17 in the case of males. Early marriages are more frequent in the rural areas than in the cities, where the education, military service, acquiring a profession and other factors tend to delay marriages. In rural areas, marriages are generally in line with the wishes or approval of the families involved whereas in cities it is generally the couple themselves that make the decision to marry.
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  Ankara - Cappadocia - Kaymaklı Underground City
It is in Kaymakli Town of Nevsehir Province. It is 20 km to Nevsehir. It has 8 floors and its first floor has been made in the Hittite Period. It has been converted into an underground city by carving and expanding other areas in the Roman and Byzantine Periods. Today, its 4 floors are illuminated and opened for visit. This underground city, which is carved into tuff rocks, has the necessary shelter conditions for temporary living of a group. They have rooms and halls connected to each other via narrow corridors, wine depots, water tanks, kitchen and provision depots, ventilation tunnels, water wells and large bolt stones that close the door from the inner side in order to prevent any dangers that may come from the church and external environment. The first mention of these subterranean sites occurs in the works of Xenophon written around 400 BC. Xenophon was a Greek mercenary who took charge of the Ten Thousand after the death of Cyrus, marching across Cappadocia with them: The houses were built underground; the entrances were like wells but they broadened out lower down. There were tunnels dug in the ground for the animals wkile the men went down by ladder. Inside the houses there were goats, sheep, cows and poultry with their young [...] There was also wheat, beans, and barley wine in great bowls [...] When one was thirsty, one was meant to take a reed and suck the wine into one's mouth. This barley wine is exceedingly strong and is best mixed with water; but any man who is accustomed to it and drinks it undiluted enjoys its flavor to the full. Some authorities suggest that the underground cities were created during the earlier period, as storage areas, by the Hittites and were much later extended and brought into use as refuges for Christians persecuted by the Romans. Others maintain that the cities were created somewhat later, by the Phrygians, as a line of defense against the Assyrians. The most commonly held view is that the cities were excavated during Roman and/or Byzantine times. Certainly during these years the region was often beset by internal strife in the form of persecutions of (and by) local Christian communities, and external attacks by the Arabs. After the region was incorporated into the Ottoman Empire, in the 14th Century, the external threat abated, the Byzantines were forced to leave the area and, with the outbreak of peace, the abandonment of the underground cities began
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Dear Mr. Sen: Our family greatly enjoyed our vacation in Turkey, including the tour of Western Turkey arranged by Ezop Travel. The guide you provided, Timur, was well-informed, friendly and a good travel companion. We appreciated that he was flexible as well, for example when we decided we'd seen enough Roman and Greek ruins and asked to substitute an afternoon on the beach for the ruins at Troy. David Adelstein (USA)