Taxis and Dolmus: Taxis are numerous in all Turkish cities and are recognizable by their yellow colour. The fare shown on the meter reads according to the distance traveled . the "Dolmus". A special service found only in Turkey, is a collective taxi which follows specific routes and is recognizable by itsyellow band. Each passanger pays according to the distance traveled and can get off at specific stops. The relatively cheap fares are fixed by the municipality. The "Dolmus" provides a service within large cities, to supurbs, airports, and often the neighboring towns. This is a very practical means of transportation and much cheaper than the taxi.
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  Ankara - Cappadocia - Afyon
Located in western-central Turkey, Afyon has depended on agriculture since the Hittite era (1900–1300 BCE). Like most of Anatolia, Afyon survived centuries of invading or occupying civilizations and rulers right up to the Ottoman demise in the mid-twentieth century. A large proportion of the economy depended on feeding armies. The city's chief enterprises are still farm- or rural-based. Poppies are an important crop. A local, state-run alkaloid factory refines poppy straw into opiates, supplying close to one-third of pharmaceutical opium to world markets. The city is also famous for a rich, clotted cream produced as a regional specialty. Twenty-first-century Afyon is a conservative city with many devout Muslims. The towering black citadel that overlooks the town is believed to have been a refuge for Byzantines during the first few centuries CE. The Greek invading army occupied Afyon, but were driven out in 1921 by Mustafa Kermal (1881–1938; later known as Ataturk, "Father of Turkey"), the future founder of modern Turkey. The rout of the Greeks at Afyon made possible the goal of an independent Turkish state. Besides Afyon City popular for its natural thermal – Spa – bath as 5* hotel copmlex facilities with toursim area. Also producing well know delicious Turkish Delight (Lokum) locally.
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We are finally home. Thank you for your generosity and your gift, it will hold a place of honor in our home. Ezel was a perfect choice & thanks to you and her we had a wonderful time seeing all the sights. Thanks again for all your help. Best wishes for future success! Warm regards, David & Jean. David H. Juedes, President Fox World Travel, USA