Limits: There is no limit on the amount of foreign currency that may be brought into Turkey, but not more than 5 5,000 worth of Turkish currency may be brought into or taken out of the country
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  Ankara - Cappadocia - Gordion
Gordion, also called Gordium, lies 105km SW of Ankara. The city was occupied from the early Bronze Age by Hittites, Phrygians (known as the Sea People), Persians, Greeks and Romans, but it is known best as the city of King Midas, whose touch turned everything to gold, and his father King Gordius, who most splendidly rebuilt the city after a disastrous fire. This city, which controlled the most important ancient trade routes, once had an awesome 20-meter high defensive wall at the main gate, and in the palace area Megaron 2 has the oldest known pebble mosaic, a neat geometric design. Megaron4 may be the Temple of Cybele where Gordius tied his ox-cart; if so, this is the exact spot where Alexander the Great severed the Gordion knot, an act which allowed him to go on to conquer Asia. In the countryside around, there are almost 100 mound-type tombs of royalty and nobles. The Great Tumulus, 53 meters high and 300 meters in diameter, once thought to be that of King Midas is now known to be that of Midas's father, King Gordius. A great feast was held as part of his funeral and people ate a kind of lentil stew with barbecued lamb accompanied by a wine-barley-mead alcoholic beverage. A small museum holds many of the finds. About Gordion excavations many of the ruines can be seen and visi in Ankara Anatolian Civilisation Museum.
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