Taxis and Dolmus: Taxis are numerous in all Turkish cities and are recognizable by their yellow colour. The fare shown on the meter reads according to the distance traveled . the "Dolmus". A special service found only in Turkey, is a collective taxi which follows specific routes and is recognizable by itsyellow band. Each passanger pays according to the distance traveled and can get off at specific stops. The relatively cheap fares are fixed by the municipality. The "Dolmus" provides a service within large cities, to supurbs, airports, and often the neighboring towns. This is a very practical means of transportation and much cheaper than the taxi.
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  Ankara - Cappadocia - Kultepe (Kanesh)
Kultepe is located in central Anatolia in the Kayseri Plain of Cappodocia. In the Hittite language it is called Kanesh and the people were the Hatti. It was the center of the Assyrian trading colony during the Bronze Age and much of the Iron Age. Kultepe was politically independent but was under Assur rule for its trading post. Its great trading ability was the result of the many cities that surrounded it. Also, cities in other areas of Anatolia would come to Kultepe for its thriving market. Thus Kultepe consisted of peoples mixed of many cultures and languages. The site of Kultepe is situated 20 km northeast of Kayseri on one of the main east-west routes across central Anatolia. It consists of a mound 500 m in diameter and 20 m high, with a terrace along the eastern side. This terrace measures 1000 x 1500 m but is only 2.5 m high. The mound has evidence of occupation dating from the beginning of the Early Bronze Age to the Roman period, including large palatial/administrative buildings of the Middle Bronze Age (early 2nd millennium BC). The terrace was occupied only from about 2000 BC. Four levels (IV-I) have been identified on the terrace, with levels II and Ib producing cuneiform tablets showing that a colony (karum) of Assyrian traders was established there, coexisting with the native population on the mound. The tablets describe the Assyrian trading network in Anatolia, of which Kultepe was the main site. The Assyrian name of the city was Kanesh, while the Hittites knew it as Nesha. Kultepe was identified as the source of clay tablets in 1881 and excavations were conducted by Ernst Chantre (1893-94), H. Winckler (1906) and B. Hrozny (1925). In 1948 Tahsin Ozguc took over for the Turkish Historical Society. He remained as director until his death in October 2005. Fikri Kulakoglu has been appointed the new director. In 2005 a two-month season was conducted with three main aims. The first was to work towards establishing the site as an open-air museum. The second was to conduct a geophysical study in the areas south and northeast of the karum area. Trenches showed water pipes and a large wall, and it appears a large building was located in the northeast area. The perimeter of the lower city is now shown to be some 2 km long. The third aim was to push towards publishing the archives and a big advance was made in this work. Excavation in the karum, in an empty area between two previously excavated houses, produced a building that appears to date to the Hellenistic period. It has a very thick wall, three adjacent compartments and a large stone platform. The stones were all brought from outside the area.
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Hallo Ezop team, Tim, your knowledge, your overall expertise us guiding visit to the special sites helped to make a very memorable trip. You were sensitive to our special needs and, great care of our expectations a range 100%. Thanks again and again. Graham/Orson / Christina Jaillers