Women's Rights: After the proclamation of the Republic under the leadership of Atatürk, women were granted contemporary social rights and became equal in status to men. In 1930, women were given the right to elect and be elected to the assemblies in the municipalities and the parliament. Equality before the law, which is one of the essential principles of the Turkish Constitution, also applies to both sexes.
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  EASTERN TURKEY - Agri – Dogubeyazit – (Mt. Ararat)
Between 1340-1200 BC Hurries settled this area after Hittites, who were believed the first kingdom to reign the region, lost their power. Hurries couldn't defend Agri that was far from Urfa which was the capital of Hurries' kingdom. Urartus established the most rooted civilization around Agri. Military expeditions which intensified during the reign of king Menua began during the reign of king Ispuini (825-810 BC) against Urartians countries which were in the north and the northeast of Lake Van. The fortresses built on the ways to the north and northeast show that these military expeditions were organized attacks. An Urartian inscription found between the village of Karakoyunlu and the village of Ta?burun on the skirts of the Mount Ararat is a definite proof of the sovereignty of King Menua in Agri. Cimmerian that ruled across River Kizilirmak also occupied Agri temporarily in the years 712 BC. After the overthrown of Assyrian, Meds (708-555 BC) started a period of extension, so they captured Agri and around it. As a result of the Meds' downfall Persian ruled the region nearly 200 years until Alexender The Great captured Anatolia due to that his victory over Persian king Darius III (331 BC). Agri city a provincial capital on a 1,650 meter high plateau, takes its name from the mountain which looms over it. Thermal springs bubble up all over the area. For those who want a hardy outdoor event, visit the Bubi Dagi Ski Center, 20 km southwest of Agri, for a few days of snow sport. Do not miss the spectacular site of the Ishak Pasa Palace, only 6 km from Dogubeyazit. Ishak Pasa, Ottoman governor of the province, constructed the palace in the 17th century with a mixture of architectural styles. Nearby you can see a bas-relief of an Urartian King, and a rock tomb from the ninth century B.C. Besides its historical perspective and the cultural sight the province Agri, which has the signs of many civilizations settled in, is very important for Turkish economy owing to untouched natural environment, high mountains and plateaus. The second highest mountain in the world- the Mt Ararat (Mount Agri), the supposition of Noah's Ark, go to Uzengili Village, 25 km east of Dogubeyazit. When you visit there be sure to try the local dessert, Asure ( Noah’s Pudding ), believed to have first been made by Noah’s wife from the last bits of food in the ark. Ishakpasa Palace-a monument of Seljukians and Ottomans architecture in the eastern- the largest meteor hole coming after the one in Alaska attract domestic and foreign tourists. Agri has a capability to serve the tourists from all over the world with 950 certificated touristic structures having the capacity of 3000 beds. Mountaineering in Agri: With the peak at 5165 m Mount Ararat which has the assumption that Noah's Ark could be found there is the largest mountain in Turkey and in the world as well. The mountain keeps on catching attention with the permanent snow on it. It's an ideal mountain for climbing and trekking. Hundreds of native and foreign tourists has climbed the mountain which is partly in service in 2000. The people in Agri wish to be receive guests from all over the world. Skiing/Resorts: Guneykaya Skiing Resorts are 36 km away from Agri, 6 km away from Eleskirt and 500 m away from E-23 highway. The snow on the trails is quite suitable for skiing. There is no possibility of becoming an avalanche or getting fog over the resorts. The resorts are open for skiing from the mid-November to the end of March. There are also the trails for slalom and alp discipline(endurance). The snow thickness is usually at 1.50 m but sometimes it can be at 2-2.50 m. Also there is a restaurant for tourists at the top. Thermals: There are thermal spas called Yilanli,Davut and Köprü which are 5 km away from Diyadin eastern Agri. It's believed that these spas relieve rheumatic ache and cure the skin diseases in each seasons. It's visited by many native and foreign tourists. Anyone can easily spend the night. A Thermal Hotel opened to service by governorship in 2000 animated the district. Other places to visit in Agri; Dogubeyazıt Fortress, the Old Beyazit Mosque, Diyadin Fortress, Avnik Castle, Kuje Castle, Meya Cave, Anzavur Hill, Girik Hill, Tokluca Castle,Three Churches, Kizilziyaret Fortresse, Kupkiran Fortresse, Pazi Castle,Toprakkale, Toprakkale Mosque, Hamur Tumb, Karagoz Church, Havaran Castle, Karlica Girls Castle, Sosik Castle, Kan Fortress, Zencir Fortress, Diyadin Hot Spring Resort, Dambat Hot Springs, Meteor Hole and The Ice Cave.
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