Mountains: In the Marmara region the most important peak is the Uludağ (2543 m) at the same time it is a major winter sports and tourist centre. In the Aegean region, the mountains fall perpendicularly to the sea. In the Mediterranean region, located in the south of Turkey, the western and central Taurus Mountains suddenly rise up behind the coastline. The Central Anatolia Region is exactly in the middle of Turkey and gives the appearance of being less mountainous compared with other regions. The main peaks of the region are Karadağ, Karacadağ, Hasandağ, and Erciyes (3917 m). The Eastern Anatolia region is Turkey's largest and highest region. About three-fourths is at an altitude of 1500 - 2000 metres. There are numerous inactive volcanoes in the region, including Nemrut, Suphan, Tendurek and Turkey's highest peak where Noah's Ark was landed, Mount Ağrı (Ararat) is 5165 metres high
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All Information About Istanbul (General Info) ISTANBUL & MARMARA
Istanbul: Istanbul the only city in the world built on two continents, stands on the shores of the Istanbul Bogazi (Bosphorus) where the waters of the Black Sea mingle with those of the Sea of Marmara and the Golden Horn. Here on this splendid site, ... More details
On the Asian side of Bosphorus Bridge you will see a building which well decorated white marbles. This palace was built of white marble by Sultan Abdulaziz in the 19th century. It possesses a beautiful garden with magnolia t... More details
Blue Mosque (Mavi Camii) or Sultanahmed Camii is built just facing to the St . Sophia Museum and supremely elegant, imperial, six minaret mosque of Sultanahmet I. Built in Hippodrom area (Old city) between 1609 and 1616 by the famous architect Mehmet... More details
While you were having your holiday in Istanbul we strongly recommend you that take some more days before leaving from Istanbul. A stay in Istanbul is not complete without the traditional and unforgettable excursion by boat along the Istanbul Bogazi (... More details
Bursa city founded with the name of Prusa in the Bitinia Kingdom era. The foundations of Prusa were laid by the Bitinia King Zipotes around 300 BC and Kallinikos I, in 230 - 182 BC. The Bitins who founded Bitinia were a tribe living in the northwest ... More details
Byzantian Cistern (Yerebatan) ISTANBUL & MARMARA
Cistern is located nearby Hagia Sophia is the 6th century Byzantine underground Basilica cistern, with 335 massive Corinthian columns supporting the immense chamber’s fine brick vaulting. This is one of several buried into the city’s foundations, and... More details
Chora Church (Museum) ISTANBUL & MARMARA
Kariye is located at Edirnekapı section of İstanbul. The dictionary meaning of Kariye (Chora) is "outside of the city", or "rural" in old Greek. The existence of a chapel outside the city walls in very old is mentioned in some sou... More details
Dolmabahce Palace ISTANBUL & MARMARA
Built in the mid - 19th century by Sultan Abdulmecit, it has an impressive 600 meter frontage on the Bosphorus. The most important parts is the vast reception salon, with 56 columns, and a huge, 750 bulb, chrystal chandelier weighing 4.5 tons. The ar... More details
Edirne is a gateway of Turkey opening to western world, the first stopover for newcomers from Europe. Situated on the Greek border, this beautiful city is famed for its many mosques, the elegant domes and minarets which dominate the panoramic appeara... More details
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Il viaggio sia in Turchia che in Giordania è andato molto bene, e come ho un attimo vi voglio mandare un commento particolare sugli alberghi e sui piccoli inconvenienti da migliorare. Voi mandatemi una vostra pubblicità dettagliata che io la giro ad un mio amico che ha un'agenzia di viaggi, ma non ha nessun contatto con agenzie locali in Turchia e in Giordania. La guida Rasim Korkmaz è stato perfetto così come l'autista e il pulmino. Vi riscriverò appena posso,un caro saluto. Angiolina di Reto X 6 personnes