Rivers: Most of the rivers of Turkey flow into the seas surrounding the country. The Firat (Euphrates) and Dicle (Tigris) join together in Iraq and flow into the Persian Gulf. Turkey's largest rivers, the Kizilirmak, Yesilirmak and Sakarya, flow into the Black Sea. The Susurluk, Biga and Gönen pour into the Sea of Marmara, the Gediz, Küçük Menderes, Büyük Menderes, and Meriç into the Aegean and the Seyhan, Ceyhan and Göksu into the Mediterranean
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Derinkuyu Underground City Ankara - Cappadocia
It is in Derinkuyu District that is 30 km to Nevsehir, on Nevsehir - Nigde highway. As in Kaymakli Underground city, there are locations that can shelter a big group and meet their needs. This underground city consists of 8 floors. Being different fr... More details
Gordion Ankara - Cappadocia
Gordion, also called Gordium, lies 105km SW of Ankara. The city was occupied from the early Bronze Age by Hittites, Phrygians (known as the Sea People), Persians, Greeks and Romans, but it is known best as the city of King Midas, whose touch turned e... More details
GOREME Ankara - Cappadocia

Goreme, was called Maccan in antiquity and is one of the oldest sites in the Cappadocia region. The oldest known source where the name of this city is mentioned, is the book titled "The Doing of St. Hieron" of the 7... More details

Hattusas Ankara - Cappadocia
The Hittites, who came trough Central Asia and Caucasia to Anatolia in early 2000 B.C spoke an Indo-Europan language and belonged to the Indo-Germanic races.Assyrian merchants were eventually left with no choice but leave Anatolia in 1850 B.C and aft... More details
HITTITE MUSEUM (Anatolian Civilisation Museum - Ankara) Ankara - Cappadocia
The first museum in Ankara was established by Mubarek Galip Bey, Directorate of Culture, in 1921, in the section of the Castle of Ankara called Akkale. In addition to this museum, artifacts from the Augustus Temple and the Byzantine Baths were also c... More details
Ihlara Valley Ankara - Cappadocia
The canyon was created by the cracking and collapsing which occurred as a result of basalt and andesite lave from Mt.Hasandag’s eruption. The Melendiz river found its way through these cracks, eroding the canyon bed and helping to form canyon we see ... More details
Kaymaklı Underground City Ankara - Cappadocia
It is in Kaymakli Town of Nevsehir Province. It is 20 km to Nevsehir. It has 8 floors and its first floor has been made in the Hittite Period. It has been converted into an underground city by carving and expanding other areas in the Roman and Byzant... More details
Konya (Mevlana Mausoleum) Ankara - Cappadocia

The early permanent settlement in and around Konya go back to prehistoric times. The cultures of the Neolithic, Palaeolithic and Early Bronze Ages can be found within this period of the time. The mounds within... More details

Kultepe (Kanesh) Ankara - Cappadocia
Kultepe is located in central Anatolia in the Kayseri Plain of Cappodocia. In the Hittite language it is called Kanesh and the people were the Hatti. It was the center of the Assyrian trading colony during the Bronze Age and much of the Iron Age. Kul... More details
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