Currency Regulations: There is no limit on the amount of foreign currency that may be brought into Turkey, but more than$5000. worth of Turkish currency in cash may not be brought in to or taken out of the country.
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Nevsehir Ankara - Cappadocia
Nevsehir is the capital of the Cappadocia region and is a perfect starting point for visiting the area fully. The first settlements date back to 3000 BC; and its oldest name was "Nyssa". The city also has some interesting remains from the S... More details
THE LANDS of GOD (Info about Ankara, Hittian Land, Hattusas and beautiful Cappadocia) Ankara - Cappadocia
Ankara: The seat of Turkey’s government in the strategic heart of central Anatolia, Ankara is the city selected by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the republic’s founder, to house the capital of the newly politically defined country. Though thoroughly modern ... More details
URGUP Ankara - Cappadocia
Urgup is one of the major centres in Cappadocia. It has a permanent population of around twelve thousand people and is a thriving centre of trade and tourism, offering a host of hotels and motels to the traveller and a wide range of carpets and handc... More details
Yazilikaya Ankara - Cappadocia
Hattusas (modern Bogazkoy in north-central Turkey) was the capital of the Hittite empire in the 2nd millenium BCE. The city was located on a mountain slope at the southern end of a small fertile plain. It lay between two deeply-cut streams which conv... More details
Zelve open Air Museum Ankara - Cappadocia
Zelve is situated on the northern slopes of Aktepe, 1km from Pasabaglari (Monks’ Valley) and 5 km from Avanos. The ruins at Zelve are spread over three valleys, which also house several pointed fairy chimneys with large stems.... More details
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